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CVS Installation

Download the latest version of CVSNT (look for free version) and install it. Use typical settings. Restart PC.

Add Repository

Open up "CVSNT Server" in control panel.

CVSNT Server

Stop the CVSNT Service. You may leave the Lock Service running.

Lock Service in CVSNT Server

Then, go to "Repository" tab. Click "Add". Select a location that will serves as the repository for your source files.

Add location in CVS

Press "Yes" when it requests you to initialize.

Next, go to "Advanced" tab. Change the "Temporary Directory" to somewhere better.

CVS Temporary Directory

  Go back to the first tab, "About" tab. Start the CVSNT service that you have stopped just now.

Add User

Set environment with the following command:

set cvsroot=:pserver:localhost:{repository name}

e.g. set cvsroot=:pserver:localhost:/test

CVS environment command

Use the following command to add a new CVS user:

cvs passwd -r {Windows account name} -a {user name}

e.g. cvs passwd -r Administrator -a englee

Enter password(Account Password- sometimes password is mandatory) as requested.

Test Login

Enter the following commands:

set cvsroot=: pserver:localhost:{repository name}

cvs login

cvs ls -l -R

If you see a list after you entered the last command, you have got your CVSNT setup correctly.