Apache Kafka Use Cases

Kafka is used for a variety of use cases, such as

  • Log aggregation
  • Messaging
  • Web site activity tracking
  • Stream processing
  • Event sourcing
Log Aggregation
Consolidating log data from multiple IT infrastructure components into a single centralized platform where it can be reviewed and analyzed.
Website Activity Tracking
Monitoring a user's activity on the web. It helps IT admins understand which sites the user visits and taking proper security precautions.
Stream Processing
Processing data in movement.
Event Sourcing
Capturing each chage to the state of an application as an event object.
Message is the fundamental unit of data in kafka. It is atomic and can't be broken into smaller components. Also called a log.
Apache Kafka Messaging
Kafka is not suitable for fewer messages of larger size. Kafka is more suitable for large volume of messages of smaller size(<1MB). Kafka is written in Java and Scala.(80% of the code in Java & 20% in Scala)