Difference between IOC and DI in Spring?

Difference between IOC (Inversion Of Control) and DI (Dependency Injection) in Spring?

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IOC(Inversion Of Controller):   Giving control to the container to get instance of object is called Inversion of Control., means instead of you are creating object using new operator, let the container do that for you.

DI(Dependency Injection):  Way of injecting properties to an object is called Dependency injection.

    We have three types of Dependency injection
        1)  Constructor Injection
        2)  Setter/Getter Injection
        3)  Interface Injection
Spring will support only Constructor Injection and Setter/Getter Injection.

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Hey this is a nice and simplest explanation about these terms. It would be more nice if you also provide some more explanation with a code.

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good short description

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More details in youtube now for Difference between IOC and DI in Spring?


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Simple and easy to understand

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Very Nice, accurate answer.

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sweet and short description

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Very nice Answer! Short but sweet

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Awesome...... Very clearly understood, Nice.......

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