FormEngine Framework

The FormEngine is a Java Web Framework that can be integrated with a few easy steps into a servlet container.

Form processing occurs in form sessions that bind data processing abilities along with the snapshot of the current data model to the task that's been initiated by a user/client. A form session manages a form instance that behaves just like described in the form definition. The FormEngine relies on AJAX techniques to allow client-server communication during a form session.

The FormEngine is enables simple definition and processing of complex and dynamic forms. The processing of a form involves the verification of the input data, calculation of the input based on the information from other input fields as well as dynamic activation or hiding of the data fields depending on the user input.

FormEngine Framework Features

  • Ajax Enable for Web 2.0 Application.
  • Server Side validation on forms for more security.
  • Customizable Error Message
  • Integration with data base for CRUD operation via DAO framework.
  • Several design patterns aim for minimizing memory needs.
  • Business Validation optional
  • HTML Editor as standard form Input type in form engine.
  • Option generation using DB.
  • Caching Facility for achive high performance


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